“Mere curiosity adds wings to every step.”


Frenus is an international and independent Market Intelligence and Consulting company. As an expert in Market Intelligence and Market Strategies, we support our clients in Strategy and Business Development, Marketing and Sales decisions.

In order to offer them the best possible solutions, we are constantly working on the expansion of our knowledge and business areas. By linking our professional and social fields of competence with our previous experience, we want to set a long-term trend.  Furthermore, we strive to strengthen our long-term client relationship in order to provide them with suitable solutions in all times. A collaborative relationship with the clients is essential to create long-term added value.


Through many successful projects, we have developed sustainable and efficient solutions to actively shape markets, recognize and evaluate opportunities and risks at an early stage. Our client base primarily comprises of medium and large-sized enterprises, mainly from the Automotive and ICT industries. In close collaboration, we develop individual services for the specific client needs. Working with our clients has led to long-standing relationships with many large companies.

As a long-term and sustainable partner, our company supports decision-makers in their strategic decisions. We value a structured and consulting-oriented project approach and we are committed to fulfill in all projects our self-prescribed, high performance criteria.