Marketing Departments

The prerequisite for market-oriented decisions is the constant need for extensive and profound information of the relevant market. To create this basis, there are (depending on client’s requirements) different methods.

Our spectrum of services covers the current methods, how market and competitor analyses are directed, concurrent and unconventional methods along with comprehensive market radar research. With this methodical range of services we deliver mission-critical market information in a customized form – as required at a strategic or an operational decision-making level.

Marketing Departments
Sales Departments

Sales Departments

A successful sales strategy depends largely on being fully cognizant on assimilating all the available information on the developments and needs of the target audience as well as on strategic decisions, strengths, and weaknesses of competitors. The specific details and the direct plug and play nature of the information are very crucial for the company.

We deliver a sound basis for the design of our’ sales activities through the implementation of the targeted analyses and the building of detailed profiles. Sales teams will receive meticulously and pragmatically compiled sales information, daily catalog of recommended courses of action or targeted sales campaigns.

Business Development/ Strategy Departments

Successful strategies are based on a keen understanding of the market. We exist and deliver solutions for this very reason. Through close collaboration with our clients we tailor market strategies suitable for their situation and business.

Moreover, we use pre-determined criteria to identify, structure, and segment markets. Based on the insights gained, we assess the attractiveness of existing and new markets and along with them define the strategic thrust needed for their business which has successfully been established in the market.

Strategy Departments
M&A Departments

M&A Departments/Companies

Mergers and Acquisitions are large-scale projects which bring about dramatic internal structural and cultural corporate changes. Therefore it is imperative for market orientation to be factored in as the sustainability of the business model significantly depends on it.

As experts in Commercial Due Diligence, we analyze the impact of M&A strategies in the selected markets and vice versa. We continually research and examine customers, competitors and compliance requirements before, during and after M&As or joint ventures to achieve optimal market positioning.

Consulting Companies

As market specialists, we deliver reliable business consulting especially as an external/complementary part of our client’s consulting projects. We deep dive specifically into the industry of your clients and contribute methodology, technical expertise and reliable results to supplement your project results and inspire your customers.

Our team is composed of motivated and well-qualified employees who have previous consulting experience and are familiar with the industry-specific challenges.

Consulting Companies