Our specialized IoT Glossary is your trusted guide to exploring technology terms and definitions. The intention of the glossary is to offer definitions for “technical terms” or “specialized jargon” in a way that might be readily understood by those who have deep understandign of the IoT industry or have not developed expertise in the field.

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  • Active sensor
    "Active sensor requires an external power source to operate, and they transmit and detect the energy at the same time"

  • Artificial Intelligence
    "Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. It includes activities such as learning, speech recognition, planning, reasoning, problem solving and self-correction."

  • Asset Tracking
    "Asset Tracking across the supply chain allows for real-time position monitoring and visibility of the assets"

  • Automation
    "Automation enables reduction of human intervention in different ways such as with machinery, optimization, factory processes to make them automatic, controlled and more efficient"

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  • Big Data
    "Extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations."

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  • Cloud Computing
    "Cloud Computing represents common accepted term for the delivering of services over the Internet specifically developed for current user's demand."

  • Condition Monitoring
    "It is a monitoring process in which the main goal is to identify and keep updated about the machinery condition and status so as to predict future faults."

  • Connected Car
    "A connected car is a vehicle which is equipped with devices that can connect to other devices, networks and services, within or outside the car and exchange different types of information to form a collectively safer, better experience with more functionalities for the customers"

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  • Developer Tools
    "A programming tool or software development tool is a computer program/tool that software developers use to create, debug, maintain, or otherwise support other programs and applications"

  • device attack
    "Device attack is an attempt on a vulnerable device to tamper with the device in anyway"

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  • Edge Analytics
    "Edge Analytics is an approach to data collection and analysis on data at a sensor or some other device at the edge of the network "

  • Embedded device hacking
    "Embedded device hacking uses vulnerabilities of the embedded software to get access to a device"

  • Embedded software
    "Embedded software is computer software, written to control machines or devices that are not typically thought of as computers. It is typically specialized for the particular hardware that it runs on and has time and memory constraints"

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  • Fog Computing
    "Fog computing is a term created by Cisco that refers to extending cloud computing to the edge of an enterprise's network. Also known as Edge Computing or fogging, fog computing facilitates the operation of compute, storage, and networking services between end devices and cloud computing data centers"

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  • Geo-spatial
    "Geospatial data, GIS data or geodata has explicit geographic positioning information included within it, such as a road network from a GIS, or a geo-referenced satellite image. Geospatial data may include attribute data that describes the features found in the dataset."

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  • Hybrid Cloud
    "Hybrid Cloud is a combination of both private and public cloud platforms. Its purpose is to allow the movements of information between them while giving more flexibility and options."

  • i

  • IaaS
    "Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a form of cloud computing that provides resources over the Internet. In IaaS one can host hardware, software, servers, storage application and other infrastructure components, and handle system maintenance, backup and resiliency planning among other tasks"

  • Identity and Access Management
    "Identity and Access Management is the security discipline that ensures appropriate access to resources across heterogeneous technology environments. IAM technology can be used to initiate, capture, record and manage user identities and ensure that right individuals access the right resources at the right times"

  • Internet of Things
    "Physical devices and everyday objects which are connected to Internet. They can communicate with each other autonomously. In this way the gap between the virtual world and real world getting close, which leads to smart processes, products and solutions."

  • IoT Applications
    "IoT applications are used to automate various tasks safely. They are useful in all kinds of spheres like security, smart homes, smart cities, agriculture, entertainment and many others"

  • IoT Platform
    "IoT platform is a control infrastructure which enables applications that can manage devices, remotely collect data and integrate with 3rd party vendors."

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  • Location Sensing
    "The use of technologies such as the Global Positioning System to find the location of a device/asset"

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  • Machine to machine (M2M)
    "Machine to machine (M2M) is a vast term used for illustrating  all types of technology, which can empower connected devices to share information between each other and complete actions without assistance of human."

  • Mesh network topology
    "Mesh network topology is a disperse architecture in which each connection point on the network is designed to link to a minimum of 2 other connection points. A mesh network is a network topology in which each node relays data for the network. All mesh nodes cooperate in the distribution of data in the network. It can be applied to both wired and wireless networks"

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  • PaaS
    "Platform as a service (PaaS) or application platform as a service (aPaaS) is a category of cloud computing services that allows development, running, and managing applications without the need of building and maintaining the infrastructure"

  • Passive sensor
    "Passive sensor is a technology/device which is capable to collect information by detecting natural emissions such as vibrations, light, radiation, heat which were occured around the given object."

  • Pervasive computing
    "Pervasive computing is an emerging trend associated with embedding microprocessors in day-to-day objects, allowing them to communicate information. It is also known as ubiquitous computing"

  • Predictive Analytics
    "Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced analytics which is used to make predictions about unknown future events. Predictive analytics uses many techniques from data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyse current data to make predictions about future."

  • Predictive Maintenance
    "Predictive Maintenance identifies impending asset failures using conditional data to predict anomalies or failures"

  • Private Cloud
    "Private Cloud possess the same functions as the public one, but differs from it by the fact that it is available within only one organization and ensures security within the organization."

  • Public Cloud
    "Public Cloud is a cloud where a given internet access provider gives access to certain resources such as applications and storage, to the common community over the Internet."

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  • Remote Monitoring
    "Remote Monitoring helps firms to remotely control their assets located across the globe and to automate the updates"

  • Remote sensing
    "Remote sensing is the way of tracking the performance and making measurements of a given object which is situated at a big distance by using different types of technologies remotely. "

  • Rest Analytics
    "Rest Analytics is a term which describes and analyses data that is stored in a destination system and data which is not going to the endpoints like mobile devices"

  • Robotic process automation
    "Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of software with Artificial Inteligence and Machine Learning competencies to manage vast amount of repetitive actions  which were performed by people before. It differs from  normal IT automation with its quality to adapt fast to changing situations. "

  • Robotics
    "This is a branch of science and engineering that deals with the construction and the design of robots."

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  • SaaS
    "Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. SaaS is typically accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser. SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications and software solutions"

  • Sensor analytics
    "Sensor analytics represents the numerical examination of data which is created by connected and cellular sensors. Its main goal is to detect and prevents all types of equiment failure in different industry sectors such as manufacturing, health."

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    "SLA is an agreement (contract) between the customer and provider where it is stated which services the provider needs to deliver to the client"

  • Smart Building
    "A Smart Building is any structure that uses automated processes to control the building's operations such as air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and other systems. In order to collect and manage data, a smart building uses sensors, microchips and actuators. These kinds of buildings are environmentaly friendly because they reduce energy usage, optimize space usage and improve performance."

  • Smart City
    "A Smart City is a developed urban area that includes information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance the quality and performance of urban services such as energy, transportation and utilities. The main aim of Smart Cities is to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs"

  • Standards
    "Standards are accepted to be generally accepted  requirements or characteristics by users or organizations, which are especially important when developing hardware, software and connectivity services"

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  • Universal authentication
    "Universal authentication is a verification mechanism for network identity, that grant to users access to multiple sites only once their identification info is authenticated"

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  • V2V communication
    "V2V Communication is the cellurar exchange of data between cars. The purpose of that communication is to avoid accidents by enabling vehicles en route to send their current position and speed to the ones next to them over a special network."

  • Visualization
    "Visualization is a process of interpreting the data that is collected and analysed in visual terms, using images, diagrams, graphs or animations to communicate a message or show results"

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  • Z-Wave
    "Z-Wave is a  cellular wireless communications protocol mainly used in the development of security system products and also for smart home automation."