Artificial Intelligence is by no means a fully-developed field. However, technological advancements made during the past years, for example, in the field of cloud computing, Big Data and machine learning, have contributed to AI being beneficial for businesses. Multiple companies have recognized the potential and invest in hardware and software and data-management platforms in order to optimize existing AI applications and to develop new application fields.


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Artificial Intelligence Briefing

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Selected messages of the last editions

  • Facebook has shut down its AI Robots after they started talking to each other in their own language. The robots had been instructed to work out how to negotiate between themselves and improve their bartering along the way read more

  • A discussion paper by McKinsey Global Institute highlights that AI adoption has been particularly low in the healthcare sector. According to the paper, AI can only flourish in healthcare if organizations improve their interoperability and data access capabilities read more

  • Facebook has bought Ozlo, an AI startup to boost the capabilities of Messenger. The startup’s technology which is focused on understanding text-based conversations, will be used to enhance Messenger’s virtual assistant for users read more

  • Microsoft has revised its corporate vision statement by removing the phrase “mobile-first and cloud-first world” and prioritizing AI instead of mobile. The move follows the establishment of a newly formed Artificial Intelligence and Research group and has been outlined in the company’s 2017 annual report read more

  • Cloud IQ, a provider of a fully automated AI platform, has raised around USD 4 mn in its latest investment round from companies including Paypal. Paypal’s investment is aimed at offering ecommerce businesses who use Paypal to track transactions using Cloud IQ read more

  • BBC is developing voice recognition and AI capabilities in collaboration with Microsoft for its iPlayer video service. The new prototype would let users choose what they want to watch by talking to their smart TV read more

  • Cloudwick and Logtrust have announced a strategic partnership to deliver the world’s first neural system of intelligence for cybersecurity. The companies will partner on CDL, Neural Security System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity to resolve complex security threats using telemetry data read more