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Selected messages of the last editions

  • Hexa Research predicts the global cloud security market to reach USD 12.64 bn by 2024. Report states that the growth is driven by the increasing use of cloud services for data storage, and the rising sophistication of cyber-attacks read more

  • The global cloud robotics market is expected to reach USD 5.538 bn by 2022 from USD 1.517 bn in 2017 as per a Research and Markets’ report. The key drivers behind this growth are the adoption of big data analytics platforms and smart-devices read more

  • Google is now planning to make its cloud services more secure by introducing a chipset called Titan. Titan scans hardware to ensure it has not been tampered with and prevents the machine from booting if anything has changed read more

  • Alibaba’s cloud business has almost doubled compared to last year and now has more than million paying customers. Revenue from the cloud computing business grew 96% YoY to USD 359 mn and accounts for 3% of the company’s total revenue read more

  • IBM has made its Blockchain Platform, which is based upon Hyperledger Fabric V1 technology and supported via the IBM Cloud, available. The company is partnering with Nestlé, Walmart and Unilever to explore blockchain possibilities and identify key areas of improvement in the global food supply chain read more

  • Salesforce and IBM are collaborating to launch new products that bring more data integration options to customers. The partnership will bring IBM Weather Insights and IBM Cloud Integration to Salesforce customers read more

  • Skytap, a 10-year-old cloud computing provider, raised USD 45 mn in a funding round led by Goldman Sachs. Skytap focuses exclusively on helping big businesses modernize their software read more