There exists a consensus that the future of business organizations and subsequently, of society as a whole, will be heavily influenced by robotics. Therefore, the question to ask is not if, but how will it happen? Developments in related fields such as machine learning, automatization, artificial intelligence, sensor technology, cloud-based “robot” software, IoT, etc will impact the acceleration rate regarding innovation in the field of robotics and need to be monitored closely. With our Robotics Briefing, you will have the opportunity to always remain informed about market trends and developments, success stories, partnerships and product news surrounding robotics.

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Robotics Briefing

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Selected messages of the last editions

  • Rewired has announced the launch of its robotics venture studio and fund. The company will initially be investing USD 100 mn in applied science and technologies that will improve machine perception read more

  • The industrial robotics market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 7.12% to reach USD 57 bn by 2022 from USD 40 bn in 2017, say WiseGuyReports. The increased rate of adoption of automation solutions across industries is the primary driver for the market’s growth read more

  • Snap Inc is in talks to acquire Chinese drone maker Zero Zero Robotics, in a bid to complement its software capabilities. The deal is expected to be between USD 100 and 200 mn, according to TechCrunch read more

  • Auris Surgical Robotics has raised USD 280 mn in a Series D round which brings its total funding to USD 530 mn. Auris has received FDA approval last year for its first medical robot which can be used to treat lung conditions read more

  • JPMorgan has developed a robot “LOXM” to execute trades. In a trial, it proved that it was much more efficient than traditional methods of trading. The AI program has been used to execute trades in an European trial since Q1 and will be launched in Asia and the USA in Q4 read more

  • 3DR and DJI have formed a partnership to collaborate on the Enterprise Drone Platform (EDP). EDP will be integrated with DJI’s UAV’s will expand its Site Scan system to enable job site surveillance tech into the drones read more

  • The University of Sydney has partnered with China’s largest robot maker, Ubtech Robotics in a collaboration worth USD 7.5 mn to create the Ubtech Sydney Artificial Intelligence Center in a bid to drive AI and robotics technology research read more