In order to have a holistic understanding of a marketplace, one important aspect is to be aware of key players in the market. In this regard, the Company Profiles we prepare for our clients are a vital source of information. The extent of the profiles can range from a snapshot to more elaborate Company Profiles with in-depth information. Depending on the requirements of the customer, we include topics such as product portfolios, strategic decisions, management, target groups and partners. To ensure the best outcome possible, the profile content is always defined in close cooperation with the customer.

Many Company Profile projects are related to M&As, peer group analysis and preparation for sales and marketing activities. When considering Company Profiles, one factor stands out: accuracy. Therefore, the highest degree of accuracy is setting the benchmark for our Company Profiles and thus for the subsequent decisions you take. The services focuses on individual analysis of companies (product portfolio, strategic moves, management, sales/profit margins, development, target groups, locations, partners, references), while keeping coherent policy throughtout our extensive experience in creating structured and elaborate Company Profiles.

Company Profile

Key aspects of our Company Profile


Areas of Application

Providing consolidated information about specific companies (customers / competitors / suppliers), which can for example be used for segmentation / evaluation / selection of strategic existing or new customers/or pitches



Based on (relevant) revenues, customer target groups, number of employees, geographic focus, strategy, R&D expenditures of main competitors



Highly flexible scope ranging from snapshot (1-2 PowerPoint slides, individual information for CRM) to detailed company profiles (~ 40 Slides) – depending on the desired purpose and focus


Integration into your CRM

The completed Company Profiles can be integrated into your CRM system and maintained if desired – possible applications: integration as PDF, e-mail, custom fields, link to the online sources, etc.

Multi-level approach delivers the best possible project results

You can obtain a detailed picture of the chosen company through the combination of secondary and primary data. The relevant information which is based on a variety of existing data from studies, databases, press reports, and company annual reports is collected and presented according to management needs. The specific questions which were not answered during the secondary survey are then primarily evaluated through expert interviews and surveys with a suitable scope.



During an elaborate initial meeting we define your individual requirements for the project and discuss actions, milestones, interim presentations and final delivery


Secondary Research

We conduct research in databases, press archives and our knowledge management tool for relevant information, followed by a thorough combination and consolidation of the results


Expert Interviews

Supplementary validation of our information and hypotheses through interviews with experts from industry, industry consortiums, and correspondents


Project Completion

Presentation and discussion of our results via a personal phone call or on site. Upon request the results can be presented in front of a larger group and followed by a discussion about next steps. Another aspect of importance is to ensure smooth communication flows during the project implementation

References & Project Examples

Most Company Profiles are created in the context of peer group analysis, M&As, preparations for sales & marketing activities as well as support for partner management.


Leading IT company

creation of detailed Company Profiles for sales managers and their Focus-Accounts as the basis for strategy workshops including formulation of recommended actions

International IT company

continuous collection of customer information about preselected target companies and topics. These are saved as Excel files and administered via HTML email to sales or other relevant departments


Leading business consultancy

creation of competitor profiles (2-pager) which function as the basis for a subsequent market and competitor analysis for Automotive cable protection as part of a due diligence


On-point project results based on specific needs

Reliable and close collaboration

Expertise in the Market Intelligence field

Stable and long-term collaborative partnerships

Competitor Analysis is used to identify the main competitors on a specific market and evaluate their strategies, strengths and weaknesses. With this analysis companies can compare their products or services with similar ones on the market and detect their competitive advantages.

Furthermore, Competitor Analysis can provide companies with a clearer understanding of the marketplace conditions within the industry they are considering to enter.

Through our custom-tailored approach based on our clients’ requirements, we offer a comprehensive analysis with a focus on the competitor’s portfolio, strategic moves, geographic focus, customers and similar aspects. In addition to this, the analysis can help you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to main competitors. This can be of crucial importance for marketing and strategic decisions.