In many cases there is insufficient market data. Assessment of the current market volumes or a forecast regarding their future development offers the opportunity to develop a Market Model. The analysis of relevant client-specific parameters and our rich set of experiences in this field helps us develop a reliable model with less data.

The creation of Market Model is mainly with relation to the following topics: internationalization, market entry, product and company positioning, and M&As. Our clients use the Market Modeling Analysis as a basis for their marketing concepts or business plans, especially when related to the topics: growth, internationalization, market entry, product and company positioning and M&As.

Market Modeling

Key Topics Of Our Market Modeling


Database/Market Data

Definition of the relevant target market based on detailed secondary research (desk research, studies, databases, etc.) or primary surveys (by using qualitative and quantitative research methods and carrying out interviews with experts)


Trends & Drivers

Identification of market trends and drivers within the areas of law/regulations, equipment/technology, business, science, etc.


Trend Evaluation

Evaluation of the trends and drivers regarding their potential influence, impact intensity and likelihood of occurrence in the context of the previously defined Market Model – based on secondary research and interviews with experts


Scenario Creation

Creation of different scenarios based on the identified trends and drivers, in order to determine potential market developments and derive the most appropriate courses of action for the customers

Multi-level approach delivers the best possible project results

The combination of secondary and primary data provides a comprehensive picture of our customers’ chosen markets. The relevant information, which is based on a variety of existing data from studies, databases, press-reports, and company annual reports, is collected and presented according to customers’ needs and preferences. All open questions, which were not answered during the secondary survey, are then primarily evaluated by the means of expert interviews and suitable surveys.



In order to deliver results that are individually tailored to your needs and requirements, a comprehensive pilot discussion of the project is conducted, in which our actions, milestones, interim presentations and final delivery are defined


Secondary Research

Through secondary research we collect and consolidate the most relevant information from various databases, press archives, reports and our extensive knowledge base


Expert Interviews

Supplementary validation of our information and hypotheses through interviews with experts from industry, industry consortiums, and correspondents


Project Completion

Via personal phone calls with our clients or through on-site information sessions. On request, presentations can be conducted in front of larger groups with further discussions about next steps

References & Project Examples

Niche markets are characterized by low amounts of available data. Hence, it is important for our clients to trust us with building up a well-founded Market Model. The following projects are a proof of our clients’ trust:


An international IT company

Market Modeling for High Performance Cloud Computing in Europe as a basis for business model expansion and development of new target groups

A medium-sized Engineering company

Market Modeling for grinding and polishing machines of turbine blades as a basis for the corporate strategy realignment in Germany

A leading certification company

Market Modeling of big-sized catering equipment in Europe based on production volumes and detailed scenarios, which served as a foundation for customer’s future strategic decisions


On-point project results based on specific needs

Reliable and close collaboration

Expertise in the Market Intelligence field

Stable and long-term collaborative partnerships

Market Modelling allows businesses to identify their market size and to better understand the market dynamics. It is often used when companies want to enter new markets, generate more growth or expand internationally. Furthermore, Market Modelling can help companies in the decision-making process strategic mergers and acquisitions decisions or market positioning strategy.

In terms of the Market Modelling we define the relevant target market based on detailed secondary research or primary surveys so as to identify trends and drivers of relevant markets. Based on collected data we evaluate the potential influence, the impact intensity and the likelihood of occurrence of the determined trends and drivers. Finally, our team creates different scenarios based on the trends and drivers analysis and evaluates the potential courses of action for achieving customers’ goals.