The success of a company is based not only on an excellent knowledge of the market but also on a deep understanding of the most important stakeholder group: the customers. Target Group Analysis is the optimal instrument for identifying customers and their respective needs and desires.

The services includes individual identification and analysis of relevant target groups, particularly for Sales and Marketing. Our extensive experience in creating reliable Target Group Analysis especially in the B2B environment and industry helps us dive deeper into the business case presented. Our main focus falls on: strategic growth, market entry, optimizing marketing strategy, positioning of products and companies.

Target Group Analysis

Key Aspects Of Our Target Group Analysis


Customer Segments

Identification of relevant customers and formation of customer segments based on organizational and economic characteristics (for example, company size, product portfolio, geographic footprint, target group etc.)


Customer Needs

Identification of the needs and requirements of the relevant target groups and of the current challenges and focus areas of the individual companies (for example, growth, expansion, management changes, mergers, outsourcing)



Derivation of target action-recommendations (for example, customer access, ABC segments) as well as discussion of potential next-steps (for example, contact identification, CRM import, creation of detailed profile for top potential customers)


Target Group Expansion

Potential expansion of the Target Group Analysis based on the results and the dynamic market developments. Joint discussion on the development of additional potential on the basis of client’s own requirements

Multi-level approach delivers the best possible project results

The combination of secondary and primary data provides a comprehensive picture of our clients’ chosen target group. The relevant information, which is based on a variety of existing data from studies, databases, press-reports, and company annual reports, is collected and presented according to clients’ needs and preferences. All open questions, which were not answered during the secondary survey, are then primarily evaluated by the means of expert interviews and suitable surveys.



In order to deliver results that are individually tailored to your needs and requirements, a comprehensive pilot discussion of the project is conducted, in which our actions, milestones, interim presentations and final delivery are defined


Secondary Research

Through secondary research we collect and consolidate the most relevant information from various databases, press archives, reports and our extensive knowledge base


Expert Interviews

Supplementary validation of our information and hypotheses through interviews with experts from industry, industry consortiums, and correspondents


Project Completion

Via personal phone calls with our clients or through on-site information sessions. On request, presentations can be conducted in front of larger groups with further discussions about next steps

References & Project Examples

The Target Group Analysis is usually made in correlation with Sales and Marketing activities. Objectives such as growth, market strategy, optimization of market strategy and positioning of products and companies, motivated our clients to request for individualized Target Group Analysis.


Multiple founder/entrepreneur

Identification of customer needs and potentials for self-storage in Southern Germany as a basis for setting up a business (including online panel survey)

Swedish IT company

Target Group Analysis for the identification of needs and potentials for Intellectual Property software solutions in Germany as a basis for market entry decision

Leading IT company

Target Group Analysis for specific IT services: Selection of relevant companies based on selection criteria and subsequent identification of relevant contact persons


On-point project results based on specific needs

Reliable and close collaboration

Expertise in the Market Intelligence field

Stable and long-term collaborative partnerships

By identifying the target group of our clients, resources can be better and more efficiently used, and products and/or services adapted to the individual customer needs. By adapting the offerings to the specific market requirements, their growth and success can be sustained and improved in the long term and the turnover can be maximized.

Our team can examine relevant target groups, gather all the information you will need and help you make the best decision for your company. The Target Group Analysis is especially useful when making positioning strategies for new products and/or services. It is important to communicate the unique characteristics of products or services to this individual target group. The analysis can also give our clients valuable information about the geographic location of their target market as well as the best places to distribute their products.